Behind the Brush: Talc-Free Makeup 101

Behind the Brush: Talc-Free Makeup 101 Image

No matter how much (or little) glitter we wear, Petite ‘n Pretty never covers up its core values. To us that means expression is everything and for everyone, and safety is the expectation — never the exception. In our series, Behind the Brush, we go deeper into what our core values mean, what makes up our makeup and above all how we aspire to inspire creativity in all young creatives.

Today’s haute topic: Talc-free makeup 101.

What is Talc & Why Is it Used in Makeup?

What is Talc & Why Is it Used in Makeup?

Talc is a naturally occurring mineral — one of the softest known to date — used in makeup (among other things) to give It a softer, silkier texture and dilute pigment to create prettier colors. Talcum powder derived from talc is most often used in powder makeup like eyeshadows, blush, highlighters and finishing powders.

Softer feel? Silky texture? Prettier payoff? All of that might sound great until you dig a little deeper into why some beauty brands like Petite ‘n Pretty are committed to formulating talc-free makeup.

Talc Can be Tainted with Asbestos

Talc is mined from the earth and usually found near asbestos, a substance linked to ovarian cancer and cancer in and around the lungs when inhaled. Talc mined near asbestos risks being contaminated by asbestos and exposing both miners and consumers to it. Despite industry attempt to formulate with asbestos-free talc, lab tests still find asbestos in beauty products and studies show that repeated inhalation of talc can cause serious lung problems.

We don’t think the potential exposure is worth the risk to those who mine the talc or the young creatives who use our makeup, especially when there are other ways to get the prettiest payoff ever with talc-free eyeshadows and makeup. 

 Talc Gives Makeup a Chalky Finish

Talc in makeup creates a chalky finish and ashy undertones which don’t vibe with the sheer, age-appropriate colors and glowey looks  we’re going for. Instead, we use finely milled mica to create a smooth, even and sheer payoff — the finer the mill the smoother the payoff — and color-true pigment for the buildable impact you want, none of the ashy undertones you don’t.

Discover Petite ‘n Pretty Talc-Free Makeup

Discover Petite ‘n Pretty Talc-Free Makeup

We believe playing with makeup should make you feel good, never worried about potential health risks. That’s why all our face makeup palettes  for kids are talc-free, from the fan-fave 9021-Bungalow! Eye & Cheek Palette to the newest TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette. We promise to keep serving up high-quality talc-free makeup that inspires and empowers.

More Than Talc-Free Makeup

Talc-free eyeshadows, blush and highlighter are just one way we’re creating kids’ makeup that’s pro-level and totally safe. All our formulas — from our palettes to our makeup wipes, lip balms to lip glosses  — are made without common allergens like nuts or gluten. Not only do our formulas go through rigorous safety testing, they also must pass approval from our pediatric advisory board to make sure our makeup is safe, age-appropriate and 100-percent worry-free fun for young creatives.