3 Easy Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for Back-to-School

3 Easy Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for Back-to-School

From a polished, natural look to a golden glow-up, here are 3 school-friendly ways to express yourself using pediatrician-approved makeup for young creatives.

Hey, Sparkle Squad—it’s time to go back to SCHOOL! Some of you may be heading to class IRL while others are doing virtual learning. Either way, one of the best things about a new school year is experimenting with a new makeup routine. Whether you want to go natural or bring some sparkle to Zoom, we’ve got you for this upcoming season! 

So Gifted Birthday Makeup Set

So why are Petite ‘n Pretty products so great for school? For one thing, all of our products are nut-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. They are also proven safe for kids, tweens, and teens by pediatricians, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. So that means there’s no question about which products you should be picking up for the upcoming school year.


There are so many different ways to do your makeup for school. The most important thing to remember is that makeup is all about expressing your inner self! If your dress code allows it, makeup can help you bring a little bit of color and creativity into your day—and we could all use that, right? So if you’re ready to make this school year the glowiest one yet, keep reading for 3 back-to-school looks for teens and tweens that you can try today.

 1. The Natural Look

In our opinion, you only need two things for a quick, everyday makeup look: brow gel and glossy lip balm. The good news? We’ve bundled these two must-haves together in our new Study Haul Back to School Makeup Set

Study Haul - Back to School Makeup Set

This kit comes with our Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel and Glo$$ Balm in  V.I.Pink—a shade that you can’t get anywhere else. It also comes with a Petite ‘n Pretty pencil in a super cute case. These essential products will save you on the daily—did we mention it makes a great back-to-school gift for kids, tweens, and teens? 

The first step to this natural look is to use Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel on the brows to make them look full and feathered. Eyebrows really frame the face, so a little bit of brow gel can go a long way. This product is also amazing for the eyelashes—coat them with this clear mascara for a little bit of natural-looking length. Clear mascara is great for a long day at school because you don’t need to worry about touching up throughout the day. But if you want a bit more color and definition, feel free to use our Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara on your lashes instead.

Featherlight Clear Mascara & Brow Gel

Then, polish off your look with a swipe of Glo$$ Balm. V.I.Pink is ideal for school thanks to its coral-pink hue and buttery-soft, lightweight finish. It glides on and melts into lips instantly for a hint of shimmer and hydration. Don’t forget, you can only get this shade in the Study Haul Back to School Makeup Set! 

 2. The Golden Glow-Up

We all have days when we want to stand out. If you’ve got time in the morning to get creative—and it’s okay with your parents and your school’s dress code—this next-level look will have you glowing all day long!  

Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara

Start by using our 9021-GLOW Cheek & Highlighter Duo to give your face a subtle, sunkissed sheen. If you’d rather play up your eyes, our 9021-GLOW Eye & Cheek Palette gives your lids a super pretty, sheer wash of pastel color. 

Then, apply a coat of Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara to define your lashes. To finish off your look, slick on some 10K Shine Lip Gloss—it’s lightweight, non-sticky, and comes in 6 fun shades. Pro tip: Match your lip color to your outfit of the day! 

 3. The Special-Occasion Sparkle  

Even though school dances and pep rallies might be cancelled this year, there are still plenty of special occasions that deserve a little extra sparkle—first-day photos, drive-by birthdays, and after-school sports, to name a few. 

9021-BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette

One way to amp up your look is through eyeshadow. Use our 9021-BUNGALOW! Eye & Cheek Palette or our TropiCali Eyeshadow Palette to create all kinds of bold looks. Top it off with the Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara for eyes that really pop! 

Want to take your sparkle up a notch? Use our Gen Glitter in BLVD Bling or 14 Karat Wear It. Apply these lightweight, non-tacky highlighters all over your hair, face, and body to get a holographic glittery look. You can also spritz our L.A. Luster Glitter Hair Spray into your hair to show your school spirit—all of these products are great ways to stand out on game day! 

My Stellar Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes

No matter what back-to-school makeup look you choose, make sure to use our My Stellar Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes at night to remove your makeup from the day. And remember, it doesn’t matter if you decide to wear no makeup, a little makeup, or a full face—you are beautiful no matter what! Beauty comes from within, and the best accessory is always a smile and a kind heart. Spread some positivity this school year and help make it better for everyone. Express your inner self with makeup and see it as a way to love yourself more and more each day!